7 Tips for Selling Your Home

Tips for Selling Your Home For many homeowners, the spring is the beginning of the real estate season. If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market this year, be sure to follow our 7 tips for selling your home to save money and time.

Get your home ready to sell:

1. If you have carpet, get it professionally cleaned and then lay our Carpet Film Plastic Protection over all carpeted areas, so it stays clean despite all of the foot traffic that comes with showing your home. For less than $100, you can ensure your floors are ready to show at a moment’s notice!

2. Add an Exterior Mat to your entrance. It not only looks more welcoming, but it will help prevent potential buyers dragging leaves and other debris into your home.

3. If your dining room lacks interest or drama, consider installing Chair Rail Trim to your walls. It will make your home’s interior appear more custom, in addition to preventing wall damage caused by dining room chairs. The Millwork Collection by Johnsonite is more affordable and durable than wood alternatives.

Diamond Plate Checker Tile

4. Buyers don’t like to see a stained, dirty garage but they often do. Have your property stand out in a good way by installing Diamond Plate Floor Tiles in your garage — it will become a “gear-head’s” dream. It will also showcase the space as super functional, since it can be both a garage and the ultimate man cave! Interlocking Diamond Plate Floor Tiles are easy to install and cost less than $5/square foot.

5. If your home has a patio that appears worn, consider resurfacing it yourself with Chemsol Anti Slip Coating. Hide wear and tear, while adding design flair like a hue like Tile Red to your backyard. Buyers will love your patio’s rejuvenated look, in addition to it being an added safety feature.

Peg Board Craft Room Ideas

6. Buyers are turned off by clutter, so make sure your home is clean and organized. By adding Peg Boards to craft, office and garage areas, you’ll impress buyers with how much additional storage space your home offers.

7. Add curb appeal with fresh landscaping and a new American Flag displayed off a porch. An American flag will add visual interest and bring some color to the front of your home, without offending would-be buyers.



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Different Ways to Use Non Slip Tape

With different ways to use non slip tape, anti slip grip tape is one of the most versatile products sold on KofflerSales.com. Each month, we receive new customer reviews highlighting new ingenious ways our customers are using our products — in addition, we receive photos our customers have taken showcasing their finished product.

Preventing accidents in all weather using non slip tape from Koffler Sales

One clever way pet lovers are using our non slip tape, is by applying it on their stair treads so aging pets can get up and down stairs easily. It can be heartbreaking when your pet wants to spend time with you upstairs or downstairs, but due to old age or injury, they can slip or fall trying to be close to you.

Exactly what the dog was looking for. She’s 13.4 years old and needed something to grip coming up the front porch stairs. Excellent adhesion. Might try filing my fingernails on this stuff.

One female customer came up with the ultimate trick for her closet:

I have a handmade 50 pair shoe rack constructed of dowels. The shoes kept slipping on the dowels. I covered them with this product and no more slipping. Thanks.

Many of our customers with handicap accessible ramps use anti slip grip tape to ensure their ramps stay safe in all weather:

Thank you. I purchased KSC tape for less than half the cost of 3M tape available at my local hardware store. Free shipping, arrived quickly. Have a new TREX ramp leading to deck…was concerned about rain blowing in then freezing on ramp, making it a hazard. Washed surface, then used 70% rubbing alcohol to clean where strips would be laid. Used hand-held rollers to seal them to ramp. It’s only been down for 2 days, but am delighted with it. Will be interested to see how it holds up through the winter.

And our non slip tape will look beautiful in a variety of high-traffic spaces, including a historic chapel:

We purchased KSC super grip non-slip tape for the the steps at St. Peter’s Chapel on Mare Island, the oldest naval chapel in the United States. Not only has it made the chapel more safe for the many who come to visit, it also has g helped to improve the appearance of the front of the chapel. We were extremely pleased with how quickly the tape arrived and how easy it was to install. So pleased , in fact, we placed a second order so we could do additional steps on the sides of the chapel.

How will you use your non slip adhesive tape? Leave a review or send us a picture of your completed project, and you’ll be entered in a monthly drawing for a Visa gift card.

Protecting Property in Winter

As most of the United States is covered in ice and snow, the last thing you may want to do is spend more time outside to protect your property from damage. But with some quick and easy fixes for protecting property in winter, you will be able to save time, money and frustration over time.

logo mats

  • Consider adding metal stair treads to wooden steps. Wood contracts and expands with temperature changes, and a metal stair tread can keep everything secure and in place. Bonus: A non-slip surface will also prevent slips and falls.
  • Add an all-weather mat in front of all entrances. An all-weather mat made of commercial-grade quality will keep nasty slush outside, so you don’t damage your interior floors.
  • Add parking stops to your business’ on-site parking. When snow is present, it is hard for your customers and your employees to stay within one space. Parking stops will prevent accidents and property damage.

The best part? You may not have to wait to make these easy, affordable improvements. KofflerSales.com may be able to ship out in-stock items same day!

Bed Bugs On Clothes

Bed Bugs On ClothesAre you scared to see pests in your home? Have you seen a bed bug recently on your bed? If yes, then chances are that you would get more scared in coming days as there may be bed bugs on clothes too.

With the rapid increase in number of bed bugs in last few years, more and more people try to find out ways to keep their beds clean and tidy in order to reduce the bed bug infestation. However, not many know that if the infestation has happened, then clothes are at danger too.
It is very important to treat bed bug infested clothes with proper care and attention. Most of these blood sucking pests enter our homes through our travel baggage. Travelers usually bring them to home from hotels and inns where they had stayed for vacation or when on official tour.

If you have found these nasty pests hiding in your clothing or you just want to be proactive, here are some of the ways which can help you to get rid of them from your clothes:

– Hot water bath – Hot water bath is effective for human beings as it helps in reenergizing. The bath or wash is equally good for bed bug infested clothes as washing the clothes in water with temperature more than 120 degrees is apt for killing bed bugs of all stages. Make sure you wash the clothes as soon as you return from the travel. If you think washing clothes that early is not possible, then bag your clothes and wash them separately.

– Get your clothes dry cleaned- It may be a little expensive but this would ensure that the beds bugs do not infest the other clothes at home. Bed bugs on clothes can be more difficult if they start spreading in other clothes. Taking them to a dry cleaner will help you keeping the other clothes safe.

– Treat with sun and plastic – Bed bugs on clothes can also be removed by treating the clothes under the sun. The process involves keeping the clothes in a plastic bag under the sun. A thermometer is placed inside and the clothes are left until the temperature reaches 120 degrees. At this temperature the bed bugs in all stages die on their own.

– Placing in heating units – Clothes infested with bed bugs can also be treated in heating units. Heating units are the machine which can be used for placing clothes individually in it or as complete luggage. So, if you have just returned from travelling, then it is wise to place the entire bag in portable heating unit. The bed bugs from the luggage outside and as well as inside will all are killed. However, while doing so one must check the clothes labels so that they do not get spoilt in such high temperature.

With all these ways, the bed bugs on clothes usually get killed. However, if you still see some remains left on the clothes as the infestation was bad, then it is suggested to re- wash the clothes in order to get rid of the dead bugs too.

Bed Bug Detector

Bed Bug DetectorA bed bug detector is a major breakthrough in finding bed bugs at home. These blood sucking little bugs can be easily detected with the help of a homemade bed bug detector. Bed bugs come into your home from luggage, packaging materials etc. and once they enter your home the only two ways to get rid of them completely is through bed bug heat treatment and freezing the area infected by bed bugs.

With bed bugs becoming rampant nowadays it is important to have a bed bug detector secured at home. If you have spotted swollen red welts on your hand, face, legs and body, but are not sure whether if they are bed bug bites, then by using a bed bug detector will help you to know whether your house is actually infested with these tiny bugs or not. If you think your house is infested with bed bugs but want to be extra sure about it before calling in the pest control specialists, then here are some tips on how you can build your very own bed bug detector.

Tips On How To Make A Bed Bug Detector At Home

1. Take an insulated thermos jug having a capacity of 1/3 gallon. This insulated jug should ideally have a spout for it to work better. Fill this insulated thermos jug with 2 _ pounds of dry ice pellets. These dry ice pellets made from frozen carbon dioxide evaporates very slowly.

2. After filling the thermos jug with the pellets, cover the top portion of the jug with a lid and leave the spout open, so that the evaporated dry ice can travel and spread out in the room. This carbon dioxide evaporated from the dry ice resembles the respiration method of human beings, thereby attracting the bed bugs to the thermos jug.

3. Take a cat or a dog food dish that is big enough for a thermos jug to fit into. Cover the outside surface of the dish with paper, so that the bed bugs can easily climb onto the dish. Now dust the insides of the dish with talcum powder and desiccant dust, so that once the bed bugs climb into the dish they are unable to get out due to the slippery surface. You can use two types of desiccant dust like diatomaceous earth and Dri-die for dusting the inside of the dish.

4. Once the cat or dog food dish is ready, place the filled thermos jug in the center of the dish and your bed bug detector is now complete. Place this detector in any corner of the room and let it sit there for 24 hours maximum. You may see the results after two or three days to know if your house is infested with bed bugs or not.
With your very own bed bug detector at home, you now don’t have to spend extra money in hiring the costly services of pest control specialists in your locality. This bed bud detector will not only help in detecting the bugs but will also help in trapping them! So get started on this do-it-yourself bed bug detector and get rid of these bugs for good!

Clear Carpet Protectors

Clear Carpet ProtectorsClear carpet protectors are see-through, self adhesive covers that can be rolled over carpets to protect them from daily elements’like wet feet and construction debris. They can also make the work space safer than using traditional tarps and drop cloths for painting. Since the carpet protectors are clear, the color and beauty of the carpet can be seen without causing any damage to it.

The rolls come in many different sizes to best suit what the consumer needs for his or her house. Clear carpet protectors are easy to apply to the floor. Roll them over the carpet. When the roll comes to the edge of the carpet, cut it and move to the next spot. Clear carpet protectors are meant to be temporary covers for carpets. Typically, they should only be used for 30 to 60 days at a time. It is just as easy to remove clear carpet protectors as it is to apply them. When the consumer is ready to take the protectors up, he or she needs only to pull the self-adhesive film from the carpet. Then simply put it in the trash to dispose of it.

Clear carpet protectors are not meant to be used on hard surfaces’like tile, wood, or laminate. Some of the adhesive could transfer to the surface of the hard floor. This may damage the tile, wood, or laminate surface. They can, however, be used on every type of synthetic carpet. They should also not be used on ‘sisal rugs’. Using clear carpet protectors on these could cause a transfer of the adhesive, and the rug material may begin to fray.

There are many uses for clear carpet protectors. Some common uses for clear carpet protectors are protecting against:
* dirt/mud
* paint
* remodeling/construction traffic
* wet feet
* rolling furniture
* traffic (spills and messes) from a large party or gathering

In construction, builders may use them to protect carpets in a house or building they are remodeling. Professional painters may use them instead of drop cloths and tarps. Clear carpet protectors help to reduce the risk of slipping, tripping, and falling that can occur when drop cloths and tarps fold and gather on the floor. Also, since clear carpet protectors are plastic, paint can not go through them, unlike traditional tarps and drop cloths. Do-It-Yourselfers often use clear carpet protectors to protect areas while they are working on projects in their homes.

Clear carpet protectors are a good choice for guarding carpets against many day to day elements. They are used by homeowners who are protecting their carpets during big parties, but most commonly they are used professionally by painters and construction workers to protect the carpeted areas around them from dirt, paint, mud, and debris. Since they are clear, the carpet can still be seen, but no damage is done to it. Once the work in the area is complete, the workers (or homeowners) can pull the clear carpet protectors up from the floor and expose the carpet again.

Clear Carpet Runner

Clear Carpet RunnerThe clear carpet runner can be used to protect a small area of carpet while still allowing the color and beauty of the carpet to come through. A clear carpet runner is typically used for a smaller area than clear carpet protectors. They do, however, work in much the same way. Many times, a clear carpet runner will be placed in a hallway or by an entrance from the outside because these are high traffic areas, while a clear carpet protector will be used to protect an entire room. This helps keep high traffic areas cleaner. The clear carpet runner can help to prevent dirty shoes and wet feet from staining the carpeting near an entrance or in a busy hallway.

The clear carpet runner, like the clear carpet protectors, is made of a plastic film. The film is available in a variety of roll sizes for sale. Clear carpet runners are self adhesive. When the consumer wants to use one, all he or she needs to do is pull the runner from the roll and place it down on the carpet. When he or she has the desired area covered, just cut the clear carpet runner from the roll. There is nothing more to do. The clear carpet runner will stay in place and protect the carpet until the consumer is ready to pull it up. It is just as simple to dispose of also. The consumer needs only to pull the clear carpet runner from the floor and dispose of it.

A clear carpet runner is meant to be used on synthetic carpets. It is not meant for use on hard flooring surfaces’i.e. hardwoods, laminates, or tiles. The adhesive could transfer to the hard flooring surface and cause damage. It also should not be used with ‘sisal rugs’ as the adhesive could cause the material of the rug to begin to fray, damaging the rug. A clear carpet runner is supposed to be used as a temporary protector for the carpet. Typically, a clear carpet runner can be used for 30 to 60 days as a non-slip surface that protects the carpet from traffic or damage.

Normally, consumers use the clear carpet runner to protect the carpet from:
* dirt and mud
* high traffic (entrances and hallways)
* stains
* spills
* tears
* construction work/debris
* wet feet
* paint
* creases from moving furniture

The clear carpet runner is a low maintenance option to keeping a small area of carpeting clean. It is easy to clean’usually with just a broom. It can be used near an entrance or in a hallway to protect the carpet from dirt, debris, high traffic, or other day to day damage that can make carpet look bad and damage it. The self adhesive clear carpet runner is easy to install and to remove when the consumer no longer needs it. It is an excellent way to protect synthetic carpets for a short amount of time’usually no longer than a couple of months.

Door Kick Plates

Door Kick PlatesWhen you reach home with both hands full of groceries, all you can think about is shoving the door with your foot. But if you have a beautiful rose wood door, you will think twice before doing this and will eventually try to push the door with your elbows or your back. You can avoid this hazel by getting a door kick plate for your door which will permit you to go ahead and kick open the door without worrying much about the door getting footprints on it. The door kick plates are really useful even in non residential buildings. Almost all hospitals will have door kick plates on the doors to ensure that the door is protected from the wheelchair footrests. These are almost a must in all school doors as kids are used to using all parts of their body to open a door.

There are numerous other uses for the door kick plates as well. Some of the door kick plates can be used to protect the upper part of the door as well. The plates can be affixed to the door before attaching the door handle. This will ensure that the surface below the handle will not get any ugly stains due to repeated use. The plates can also be affixed vertically at the free end of the door and can be used to push open the door sans the handle. Several people find it very useful to attach the plates on the inner surface of the bathroom doors which will ensure that the lower part of the door does not get wet. These can also be used on walls when you intend to protect the walls from the back rest of a chair or any other furniture.

There are numerous kinds of door kick plates available in the market. There are several variations which you can just stick on to the door without the use of screws. There are also some which can be fastened on to the door with the help of clamps. One thing that you will have to keep in mind while selecting the door kick plates is the dimensions of the door. You will also have to ensure that you select the right kind of material. The most common door kick plates are made up of stainless steel. They generally come in the gauge range of 16 to 18 and will not pose a problem in shutting the door completely. This is a very good option considering the fact that they are very durable and can be cleaned very easily. There are also several bronze and nickel plates which will go very well with wooden doors.
There are also several vinyl door kick plates which are extremely thin and will not look odd. You can select from a wide variety of colours to ensure that they blend well with the colour of the door. These come in the thickness range of 0.04 inch to 0.06 inch are come in multiple colours and in various mounting options. With a plethora of options to choose from, you will never have to worry about ruining the look of the door as the plates might just enhance the appearance of the door and retain its quality for a much longer period.

Door Pull Handle

Door Pull HandleDoor pull handles are not only functional parts of the door but can also be used as a decorative feature for any door. It is almost completely necessary to have door pull handles on at least one side of the door. You have the option to just fix a functional part to the door or you can pick the right kind of door pull handle which will not only add a lot of aesthetic appeal to your door but will also enhance the functionality of the door considerably. There are numerous variations in the kinds of door pull handles that are available in the market and one must be well aware of the different types to be able to select the right kind of door pull handles. The handles also come in various materials and the choice of the material will depend on various factors like the location of the door and the material of the door.

The most common kind of door pull handles are the vertically fixed ones which are basically a loop which ensures easy grip and efficient handling. There are several variations to this design as well. Most of the doors which are exposed to the sun and rain will have to be metal. This will ensure that the handle will not lose its strength over time. These handles can be got in various materials and some of the most widely used materials are bronze, stainless steel, iron, nickel and brass. Bronze door pull handles have become increasingly famous over the years due to several reasons. The feel of bronze is very soothing and it also provides the opportunity to have some really interesting designs with the handle. Bronze handles look incredibly good on dark shaded wooden doors. The bronze handles are also available in sand cast finish which adds a lot of texture and feel to the handles.

Most of the glass doors will come with stainless steel door pull handles. One of the most crucial features about the glass doors is that they look incredibly good when they come with the stainless steel door handles. Most of the glass doors can be pulled from either side or this is one of the main reasons why most of the handles for the glass doors come in pairs. The other crucial thing about the glass doors is that there are numerous designs of the handles. Some of the handles can be fixed horizontally which can be very useful when the door is considerably wide. For most of the double doors, it is customary to go for horizontal door handles. For the glass double doors you will invariably have to go for two pairs of door handles. One of the most important things that you will have to consider while selecting the door pull handles for the glass doors is the design of the door frame. It is very important to ensure that the design and colour of the door frame blends in with the design of the door pull handle.

Door Push And Pull Plates

Door Push And Pull PlatesWhy are push and pull plates so convenient for all places? We commonly see them in restaurants, clubs but they aren’t exclusive to these. They can be a nice homely feature of a family style house, and there are multiple styles to choose from!

Most people see the classic silver design as the only style, but push and pull plates can come in many different colors, sizes and shapes. Some might think it trivial to give so much consideration to such an object. However, these plates come in very handy when trying to limit those germ-filled handprints on a glass door with a small wooden frame! They are also a nice relief when comes time to clean!

Push and pull plates are a popular and common request in the hardware market and most people consider them a safe bet when looking to furnish either their business or home. What makes them different from door knobs? Well for starters they are flat but longer, so more convenient for an assortment of people and sizes to use them. Although pull plates can have a knob as part of the design we predominantly find a more orthodox and basic design. Push plates however, are the definition of hardware simplicity! You simply push on the plate which truly makes this item so convenient and an absolute must have!

Why would these be more convenient than automatic doors that open for you? Granted, there is nothing easier than walking up to a door and it opening by itself! But the reality is that these are grossly more expensive as well as coming with the threat of breaking down at any moment. A push and pull plate is not likely to need an electrician to come out and fix them! In fact, they are generally unbreakable unless someone goes to great lengths to find a way to break them! What is so simple and convenient about the push and pull plates is the fact that you can just screw them into the door and it all ends there. There is no need for insurance, an electrician, a thinned out wallet or a stressed business manager!

Push and pull plates in essence are so basic some may dismiss them for it. A lot of businesses nowadays want flashy hardware for their doors or themed goods that simply cannot be met by a push and pull plate. Those are the people who have dispensable incomes who may not fret about a luxury door knob getting snapped off by over use or an automatic door breaking twice a year. Cost all adds up and the fact is that nowadays more families and businesses want to get the more affordable and basic options! What’s worse than a child with sticky hands trying to twist a door knob! It’s a big of a hassle to clean and one that can be avoided by purchasing one of these excellent hardware accessories.

Now you know what a door push and pull plate is, you can now decide for yourself!