Acrovyn Corner Guards

Acrovyn Corner GuardsAcrovyn corner guards are used to protect corners from wear and tear. They are inexpensive. They are also easy to install and easy to clean. Acrovyn corner guards can be bought in many colors to match the area they are being used in. They can be used to protect corners made of brick, wood, glass, cement, and metal.

Acrovyn is sometimes considered a mild eye, skin, and respiratory irritant, but only when the product is being handled or moved. Acrovyn is made of about 35% water, 60% acrylic polymer, and 5% Propylene Glycol. These ingredients make it tough enough to hand some dings and bangs from protecting corners. Acrovyn corner guards are great protectors. That is why they are used in hotels, commercial kitchens, loading docks, parking garages, and storage spaces. They do not have to be replaced often, so they are great for commercial uses.

Acrovyn corner guards are easy to install. Today, they come in a self adhesive variety, but they can also be purchased where nails, screws, or commercial grade adhesive is needed. Whichever the consumer chooses will give the same end result’damage prevention for corners. The type of acrovyn corner guard and adhesive chosen depends on the material the guard is being applied to. The consumer should consider if the surface is metal, wood, or glass before deciding on needing adhesive or purchasing self adhesive guards. Either is easy to install.

Acrovyn corner guards are flexible. When something hits them, they can bounce back into the shape they started. They are durable. They do not shows signs of wear and tear quickly or easily. They are available in a variety of colors, but the neutral tones are the most popular. They are available in different corner shapes too. The shape of the acrovyn corner guards can change the shape of the corner. For example, the guards are available in rounded, pointed (to mimic the shape of the corner), trapezoid, and bull nosed. These shapes give the corner a different appearance because of the acrovyn corner guards.

Acrovyn corner guards are an inexpensive way to protect the corners of buildings from the everyday wear and tear and damage they are prone to. They are available in many colors and shapes. They are easy to install with simple tools, or the self adhesive kind can be purchased. They prevent corners from being chipped, cracked, scratched, or having the paint peeled off when furniture or other items (or people) hit them. They are very durable and sturdy which makes them great for commercial areas. They are low maintenance and can be cleaned with simple everyday cleaning supplies. Acrovyn corner guards take the impact so that protected corners sustain less damage than unprotected corners.