Carpet Finishing Strips

Carpet Finishing StripsAlthough it might not look like it, carpet finishing strips are in many occasions necessary. A finishing strip is to be placed at the edge of your carpet, at the point where it transitions to another surface, whether that is wooden flooring, tile, cement, metal, or another surface. To what is more carpet finishing strips are commonly used in large staircases covered with wall-to-wall carpet in order to pin down the carpet at every single step.

Carpet finishing strips are there to serve three main purposes. The first one is to secure that your carpet will remain in place and won’t be moving around each time you step on it, whether it is a staircase wall-to-wall carpet or your living room carpet. The second is to prevent the carpet from wearing out or even being torn by stepping on its edges. As for the third, that is of course to protect you and other people from possible accidents. The truth is that when you are walking straight and you transition from one surface to another, you can easily trip; especially if, for instance, you are walking on tile (which can be slippery) and you are transitioning to a much thicker carpet, your feet can be tangled up thus resulting in an embarrassing fall while also running the risk of getting injured.

Avoid the injuries and the embarrassment, and protect your carpets simply by applying finishing strips wherever one is required. Carpet finishing strips are relatively cheap, and you ‘ll probably have to spend about 5 to 20 dollar for each piece. The price is ultimately determined by the length and width of the strip, the type of floor and the type of carpet that is designed to secure, and of course the material used to manufacture it. Most strips are made from brass or aluminum and are usually cheaper, but carpet finishing strips can also be made from wood; in this case, the type of wood (oak, cherry, etc) will account for its higher cost.

Before buying your carpet finishing strips, you need to measure the area you want to cover, measure your carpet’s thickness and take into account the type of flooring you have, in order to make sure that you buy the proper ones. Carpet finishing strips are available in all kinds of sizes, so finding the right one won’t be a problem. That is basically the most important part; one you do that, the only thing left will be for you to install your carpet finishing strips. Assuming that you have already marked the area (while doing your measurements) where you plan to apply the strips, first you are going to drill the holes for the screws, and then you just have to place the carpet finishing strips and pin them down with the screws that come with each piece.

You are probably gonna have to spend a whole afternoon in order to measure your carpets, drill some holes, and lay the proper carpet finishing strips, but in the end the result will be rewarding.