Carpet Masking Film

Carpet Masking FilmHave you ever heard of a carpet masking film? If you haven’t, here is a question for you: how exactly were you planning to renovate your place, move all the furniture around, and above all how were you planning to paint it without ruining your wall-to-wall carpet? The answer to your problem is carpet masking films. A carpet masking film is the best possible way to secure the integrity of your carpets during heavy foot traffic and the re-ordering of furniture, since it can act as a shield against dirt and friction.

A masking film is essentially nothing more than a piece of adhesive tape that is smooth on one side and sticky on the other. It is usually wrapped around a hard paper roller so that you can easily un-wrap it in order to cover the desired area. The carpet masking film is very thin, but it is tough enough so that it can sustain the pressure from your feet stepping over it and of furniture being moved around without being torn. In fact, a roller with enough carpet masking film to cover an area as large as 3,000 square meters, weighs no more that five to ten lbs. In other words, you need no fancy equipment, your bare hands only; carpet films are very easy to roll and to install and it is definitely what we call a one-man job. Even if you want to cover the flooring of a house as big as 150 square meters, it shouldn’t take one person alone more than half an hour. Plus the carpet masking film is perforated every few feet so that it can be easily cut .

In general, carpet masking films are much more effective that other protective sheets which are also used sometimes. Although protective sheets can be equally durable, they can also be easily kicked and moved out from their place, thus compromising the security of your carpets. A carpet masking film, however, is not simply laid on the floor, but instead it sticks directly on the carpet, thus guaranteeing that no unfortunate accidents will take place.

A carpet masking film is usually transparent without any color, although there are masking films available in the market that are semi-transparent and colored. Keep in mind, though, that whether your carpet masking film is red, green, or blue, it will still do the job as any colored (or not) masking film. After all, a carpet masking film is not something you can you can use as a fashion design, but something you use only as a temporary solution for as long as your renovation lasts. Given that have applied correctly and have absolutely covered every inch of your place, you can rest assured that your carpets and your flooring will be very well protected from dust, dirt, paint, and from any possible damages that occur in such situations.

A carpet masking film is without a purchase that is value-for-money. Their cost ranges from as low as 20 dollars up to 100 dollars, but the price is ultimately depending on the length and width of the masking film and to the durability of the material.