Carpet Stair Treads

carpet stair treads

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Carpet stair treads are a worthwhile investment for the home and/or office. Carpet stair treads offer a simple way to protect hardwood and custom treated flooring. In addition, treads are normally offered in a variety of colors, sizes and prices.

Stylish carpet stair treads add a touch of class and warmth and can easily make slippery wood stairs safer and more attractive. The affordable price makes carpet treads more attractive. Treads are excellent for high traffic areas and they hold up especially with pets and small children.

For example, carpet treads can be purchased at a cost of $140.00 for 13 count. Therefore, it would be possible to complete an entire room with carpet treads for a little under $300.00 plus tax. Many of the treads come ready to apply with a simple peel and stick process.

In most cases, carpet treads can turn out to be a better alternative than double sided carpet tape. Double sided carpet tape can become damaged when floor are washed. Carpet treads will not become damaged and will withstand a through cleaning.

Carpet stair treads can easily be used under most carpeting. Stair treads will eliminate the need for any additional padding and it will hold the carpeting securely in place. If liquid is spilled the stair tread should measure up with virtually no damage.Carpet stair treads have a number of advantages and they are simple to install. Most treads come in rolls 8×40 which is enough for at least 14 stair treads. In addition, treads are perfect for installing carpet tile and will not damage hard wood or treated floors.

Nearly all carpet treads are made from non toxic chemicals and they can be recycled. Merchandise of this type can be purchased on line or at any establishment which sells carpeting and tile. In addition, treads do come in a variety of colors and materials.

Carpet treads can easily be purchased at Koffler Sales. A number of styles are available including Neptune, Deco, Shadows, Amalfi and much more. Shipping charges may apply if product is purchased on line.

Carpet Stair Treads