Crown Molding Corners

Crown Molding CornersCrown molding corners are moldings designed to elegantly sparkle out to a finished top corner. Generally, crown moldings are used for putting a ceiling and for capping pilasters and cabinets as well as construction of internal and external cornice assemblies and doors as well as window hoods. Decorative crown molding has evolved over the years and a wide range of materials have been used differently to provide elegance in buildings. Choosing the suitable material to use in your house can be a very daunting task since there are numerous materials.

Wood is the most wildly used material and has been used since time in memorial. There are several hardwoods that can make high quality crown moldings such as mahogany, oak, and alder among many more. Wood offers a wide range of styles that one can use to install the crown moldings and the good thing with this material is that it enriches the character of the interiors since it cases the ceiling and at the same time matches the decoration. On the other hand, the shortcoming of using wood especially hardwood is that they are usually expensive.

Polyurethanes are also ideal materials to use as crown moldings. They are available in numerous items and usually used as an alternative to other materials like wood, plastic and many more. The advantage of using this material is that they are durable and resistant to many natural hazards and are material used in decorating crown moldings are rubber, plastics, metals etc.
Installation of crown molding corners can be very hectic. You can contact the experts or better still install it on your own if you are well versed with the process. Naturally, it is applied along the seams where the ceiling comes into contact with the walls. The measurements of the room where the new trim is to be placed are taken. This will give an idea of the number of moldings you will need for that particular room. Before purchasing your desired material for the crown molding corners, you need to consider the cost, size, shape as well as the durability of the material. It is imperative to go for a molding material that would be easy to install, affordable and hard-wearing. It is also ideal if it can e easily refurnished to enhance its look.

The easiest way of installing the crown molding corners is by laying out the pieces of moldings around the room. This enables the cuts to the molding to become clearer hence making it easy for the person installing it to overcome the challenge of cutting the right cuts at the corners and transitions. When hanging it, place it flush against the ceiling if the walls and ceilings are square and if they are not, simply slip the molding down from the ceiling about a quarter inch, nail it and mark using a pencil to make it straight. The process of installation requires that you have someone who assists you perhaps to hold the mold while you do the hammering. This way, it will be faster and easier to install crown molding corners.