Elevator Door Protection Systems

Elevator Door Protection SystemsThere are two types of elevator door protection systems – those that provide physical protection for the elevator doors and the nearby walls, and those that are designed to protect passengers from being caught in the doors.

The first types, door liner protectors, are designed to install easily to protect expensive elevator doors from damage due to being struck by equipment and freight, or from furniture being moved in and out of offices and apartments. Installation can be done by just one employee if necessary due to the light weight of the liners. They are also completely reusable, so they are green-friendly as well. They often come in three parts – two to protect the sides of the elevator entrance and the neighboring walls, and one more to protect the top over the elevator entrance. Elevator door protection pads look a lot like gym mats – they are a foam and/or plastic material covered by vinyl. The vinyl provides for easy cleaning, too.

Elevator door protectors are very handy for office furniture moving companies to carry with them, since they can easily protect high-rise elevators from damage at a much cheaper cost than having to pay for repairs. Companies using elevator door protection mats may find they receive better reviews from clients because using the mats demonstrates attention to detail and that the company cares about their customers. Door liner protectors also fold nicely and do not take up much room in storage.

There are also door protectors made by 3M that work more like window film, providing quick lamination for elevator doors, and quick removal when the project is completed. Movers can take rolls of this product with them and not worry about them taking up much room in their trucks. Because it is a film, it is also instantly customizable for any size elevator door entry area. Its ability to protect is more limited than the larger vinyl pads, however, due to the thinness of the film. The film is effective against scratches and helps in lighter traffic areas.

Maintenance workers in high rise buildings like elevator door protection devices because they mean fewer repairs due to damage and heavy wear and tear. Fewer repairs mean reduced hours of elevators out of service as well, which translates to better service for building tenants.

The second type of elevator door protection systems is designed to protect passengers. It uses at least one infrared beam across the entry area in front of an elevator. If the beam is broken, the doors reopen right away so there is no danger of the doors closing on and harming a person, which is a great option for buildings that have elderly or disabled residents, or for hospitals. This type of system can also protect the doors because it will sense any bags or briefcases people are carrying and reopen the doors before the bag bangs into the elevator door. Because this system works on light instead of a human trying to re-open the door, reaction times are very fast.