Hardwood Protectors

Hardwood ProtectorsWooden flooring adds a unique appeal to the house and it is necessary to ensure that they are well cared for so that they last for a long period of time. There are numerous things which can spoil or dampen the quality of the wooden flooring which can ultimately reduce the life of the flooring. Replacing the flooring or re-flooring the entire house is a very time consuming and expensive affair and hence it is imperative that people ensure that the wooden flooring is well tended for. There are several things which can harm the quality of the wood and one of the most prominent of causes is heavy furniture. Most of the furniture in the house is invariably placed directly on the flooring. Even though most of the stationary furniture pose little threat to the life of the flooring, their constant pressure on a small piece of area on the flooring does manage to leave a small dent or depression in the wooden flooring. It is hence necessary to ensure that such stationary flooring is given adequate cushioning so that it does not apply a lot of pressure on the wood.

The greatest threat to the wooden flooring is by that furniture which is used regularly and is moved around often. Moving the furniture on the wooden flooring produces a lot of friction which over time can slowly cause wear and tear in the wood. There are numerous hardwood protectors that are available in the market which can prevent this from happening. Most of the hardwood protectors come with pads made up of either felt bottom or plastic. These will reduce the effect of the furniture on the wood considerably.

There are several kinds of tap on pads which can be fastened on to the legs of the furniture with the help of a small tack. These tacks are hollow nails which clip on to the legs of the furniture. The lower surface of these tacks is soft and will ensure that the wood of the furniture does not come in contact with the flooring. These are ideal for heavy furniture like sofas and dining tables. These tacks are not very useful for furniture which will be moved around a lot as these tacks can break easily.

There is also several slip on pads which are available. These are made up of either rubber or a soft plastic compound. These can be made to fit over the legs of chairs and will come in various diameter sizes ranging from 1 inch to 1.5 inch. The only problem with these is that they are known to leave small scuff marks on the floor as the material used in their construction is rubber.

Alternatively, there are the peel and stick pads which are considered to be the best hardwood protectors as they are very easy to use and can be changed very often. These are the least expensive hardwood protectors and can be used on almost all kinds of furniture.

Apart from these, there are also several mats which can be made use to ensuring that the furniture does not come in contact with the flooring. These also provide an aesthetic appeal to the house.