Anti-Fatigue Matting

Anti-Fatigue Matting
anti fatigue mattingAnti-fatigue matting is a mat that is specifically designed to cushion and reduce the stress a person experiences when standing for an extended period of time. Using anti-fatigue matting helps to alleviate back, knee and foot pain, as well as, weakness in the legs especially, when there is a need to stand on a hard surface for a long time.

Many workplaces environments have begun adopting anti-fatigue matting to prevent injuries in their employees. These mats are recommended by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and their use is expanding throughout many industries. There is a wide range of everyday materials that are used for the manufacturing of these mats. Some of these include, vinyl, wood, PVC piping, rubber, PVC foam, polypropylene, among others.

There are many applications for anti-fatigue mats. Some examples of where you’ll see them are in factories and plants where laborers must stand at an assembly line all day and at trade shows. People at all types of trade shows must stand for many hours a day talking with people and demonstrating their products.

Entire floor areas can be covered with anti-fatigue matting such as behind a bar in a lounge or pub. Bartenders spend most of the night on their feet and it can be a welcome relief to have some cushioning during that time. Hospitals and medical clinics use the matting in surgery rooms to minimize the impact on the doctor’s back and legs. This type of matting was originally designed for chefs and home cooks who spend a tremendous amount of time working at a counter and in front of a stove.

The mats are also made with beautiful designs, so they look as good as they perform. The material is extremely durable so the mat will last for years even with continuous use. In addition, the mat is easily cleaned with a wet cloth or hose it off if you have to! There’s also the option of having an anti-slip backing so the mat stays put as you move around, which reduces the possibility of falls and slips. There are different colors to choose from and different finishes such as faux leather and a homey basket weave design.

Another great feature of this matting is the cost. It’s quite inexpensive. For an average sized mat of 20” x 30” you can find one for around $50 or less from one of the big box retailers. For larger mats of 3ft. x 5ft. they can cost between $100 and $200. For specialty sizes, where the matting must be cut to size, then the price can go up from there.

It’s a great investment and worth the price and effort to place in your business or home. If you are the owner and/or chef of a restaurant you’ll want to install anti-fatigue matting for yourself and your employees. The work is tough enough as it is. Why not avoid extra aches and pains and put these mats to good use.

Anti-Fatigue Matting