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Glow In The Dark Tape - #A651

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Glow In The Dark Tape KofflerTape New
  • Glow tape absorbs and stores energy from ambient light sources, including incandescent light and fluorescent lamps. It becomes easily visible in sudden darkness. Applying Glow Tape to floors, walls, stairways, handrails, doors, and support beams is an easy and inexpensive method of enhancing safety. Glow Tape is highly visible for first 30 minutes after exposure to ambient light has ceased, and will remain visible in a totally dark room to an adapted eye for up to 6 hours.

Night guide

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Your glow tape is now on every light switch in our home. It is like a guide to all the rooms at night. If there is no light on, it is a pathway to any room and the light in that room. Love the tape and wish we had done this years ago...
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