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Coco Mats


Coir fiber coco floor matting from Koffler Sales

Excellent brushing action, water absorption, durability and heavy-duty performance are the trademark of the Fiber King Cocoa Floor mat made from 100% natural premium coconut coir fiber.


Coir fiber coco floor matting from Koffler Sales
Customer Reviews: 5.0 of 5
5.0 of 5 (3 reviews )

Versatile, all-natural coconut coir fiber mat provides durability and functionality for a wide variety of applications. Six different widths to choose from.


Coir fiber coco floor matting from Koffler Sales

Anti-slip, durable Plastic Backed Cocoa Floor Mat is perfect for high-traffic areas. Versatile, it's an ideal all-season mat that can easily be cut to fit almost anywhere.

Coco Mats Information

Coco Mats

Coco mats are common for main entrance or exits because they have a rough, sharp appearance which is ideal for rubbing off mud, gum, etc. The texture of "brittle-like stiffness" allows the mat to last a long time, and handle a hard wear before needing a replacement. Using the same texture, coco mats can still have different sizes, color, even print to make it more personalized. Whether it is a neat appearance one is wanting (with a uniform cut and precise details) or shaggy look (uneven cut and more spontaneous details), it can be done.

These coco mats are first quality, hand woven in India. These mats are unbleached coir fiber, but also made with minimum pulp content so that the customer can get the best quality and so that the mat can last longer. Because they are handwoven, they are treated with extreme care and the intricacy of the coco mat structure is done specially. The warp yarn is a double strand hand spun and the binding strands are all fastened by hand, which helps the mat look better and be more durable. A significant example to prove its quality is how it exceeds the G.S.A. specifications for quality, which is not easy to obtain.

The best part about a coco mat other than its durability is its easiness to take care of. It doesn't require lots of cleansing, because the bristles and structure of the mat allow it to take care of itself because the mat is meant to get dirty and is designed for these kinds of exposures. But to clean the mat, all that is needed is to hose down or vacuum it. It can easily be down with a simple hose or vacuum, nothing specific.

The mats are also meant to withstand long periods of wear and tear, so that is another reason it is easy to take care of. Only unless the bristles are starting to fall out, which is of extreme exposure to harsh periods of wear, will the mat need to be replaced. The whole point of the mat is to last while being exposed to all these periods of wear, because it is meant to clean essentially and the mat can't fulfill its job of cleaning if it can not handle the job of handling wear and tear.

Coco mats are perfect for businesses and other work environments especially because it can personalize the area, but also for homes and such. It is very easy to maintain, and very durable. The can be put anywhere, though usually it is easiest to put it in front of exits and entrances so people's shoes can be removed of excess dirt, particles, mud, and such.



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