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InPro Corner Guards


Corner Guards By InPro Corp
Customer Reviews: 5.0 of 5
5.0 of 5 (1 reviews )

InPro Rigid textured corner guards are perfect for providing high impact protection while offering a truly economical approach for wall protection. Ideal for all pedestrian and small cart impacts. Choose from 100 colors.


Corner Guards By InPro Corp
Customer Reviews: 5.0 of 5
5.0 of 5 (5 reviews )

InPro's clear and colored flexible corner guards are perfect for low impact and low cost protection. Made from durable PVC capable of receiving impact without chipping and scratching.


Corner Guards By InPro Corp
Customer Reviews: 4.0 of 5
4.0 of 5 (19 reviews )

Faux Wood Grain Corner Guards are unmatched in wood grain beauty. Easy to clean, permanent color, and easy to install.


Corner Guards By InPro Corp
Customer Reviews: 5.0 of 5
5.0 of 5 (2 reviews )

InPro BluNose vinyl retainer is nearly 4x times stronger than aluminum retainers. BluNose is an ideal solution for a durable corner impact protection while being extremely cost efficient.


Corner Guards By InPro Corp
Customer Reviews: 5.0 of 5
5.0 of 5 (2 reviews )

InPro (IPC) Aluminum Retainer Guards stop damage to corners with surface mount fire rated corner guards. Koffler offers the entire selection of InPro (IPC) colors, styles and models.


Corner Guards By InPro Corp
Customer Reviews: 5.0 of 5
5.0 of 5 (1 reviews )

InPro Woodland corner Guards offer a real like fuax wood grain look. Stop corner damage while still blending in to any wood interior space.

InPro Corner Guards Information

A complete selection of InPro Wall Protection corner guards. Each one represents a different solution for protecting walls and corners. Choose from InPro 160 PVC Vinyl in 100 colors or one of a kind Woodland faux wood grain look.

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Protecting Your Business Image with InPro Corner Guards

In the office environment one of the greatest resources a business relies upon can be found with presentation. Your company embraces presentation when meeting with clients so that you display a professional atmosphere which will help to encourage sales as well as business investment. Your business also utilizes presentation to encourage your employees so that they understand they are working within a professional environment where the primary focus should be on the business.

When your company has wall damage it can often degrade your professional atmosphere as well as introduce a large expense you must account for with repairs. If you are looking to eliminate the risks involved with wall or corner damage, one quality resource to rely upon can be found with InPro corner guards.

Advantages of InPro Corner Guards

When you are renting an office space it is often important you maintain proper care of this location so you can avoid unwanted expenses. One of the greatest expenses involved with office maintenance is found with having to conduct repairs on walls or the corner of walls. When you introduce opportunities which adjust with InPro corner guards it will allow you to develop an environment where your office is properly protected. The opportunities for damage can be significantly reduced to help you in avoiding the unwanted expenses of repair.

This point becomes even more important when you own a building which your business is run out of. When you can avoid having to regularly conduct repairs, it can save your company a significant amount of money. When a corner of a wall is damaged it often means that two walls have been affected so you not only have to repair the corner but also calculate the costs of repairing and painting two walls. The utilization of corner guards can help you in avoiding these expenses while providing structural accents to your office walls.

Style Options of InPro Corner Guards

When many individuals first think about placing corner guards on their walls they are concerned about creating an unattractive feature within the work environment. When embracing the utilization of corner guards, avoid going to your local hardware store in order to grab single colored plastic protectors. Instead take advantage of the resources of the online environment where you can discover a large selection of corner guards to take advantage of.

From these resources you will be able discover a variety of style options which will not only fit into your office environment but also improve upon its image. When looking for the traditional 90° corner guard you will be able to access a low profile quality protector which is available in a wide variety of different colors. You can also invest in resources such as bull nose corner guards where you have situations of rounded walls. There are even opportunities which exist for wood styled corner guards when trying to match flooring or add unique accents to a rather plain environment.

Improving Upon InPro Corner Guards

The resources of corner guards can help you in protecting the walls of your office so you can avoid the unwanted expense involved with regular repairs. Additionally, you can take advantage of other opportunities of investment where you will be able to protect your walls when your office takes advantage of carts or other styles of mobile resources which run the risk of damaging walls. One example of the opportunities you can utilize for improving corner guards can be found with utilization of wall guards.

These wall guards are designed to run across the center of a wall to act as a barrier against large items crashing into a wall and causing damage. These items can be mobile filing cabinets, mail carts, or other resources your business relies upon when it comes to moving items throughout your office. The introduction of wall guards will enhance the ability for protecting your office and improve upon the resources you rely on with corner guards.

Protecting your office can offer many unique advantages as you avoid wall damage which can reflect poorly on your business's image. When you are seeking to protect your office properly form unwanted structural damage, embrace the opportunities discovered with InPro Corner Guards.



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