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Corner Guards Wall Protection by InPro


Corner Guards Wall Guards by InPro®

Inpro Corner Gaurds, click here and you will see the entire selection of InPro (IPC) Corner Guards. From smooth to textured, with or without Aluminum retainers.


Corner Guards Wall Guards by InPro®

Inpro Wall Guards, click here and you will see a selection of InPro (IPC) Wall Guards providing continuous impact protection in any facility.


Corner Guards Wall Guards by InPro®

Protect your walls from damage and eliminate never-ending costly repairs from scratches, dents and scrapes with these rigid, durable wall panel strips and rolls


Corner Guards Wall Guards by InPro®

High Impact Replaceable Wall Base from InPro® can withstand strong impact and keep your wall safe from damage while looking great. Wall base available in 4" x 8' lengths in 81 standard colors.


Corner Guards Wall Guards by InPro®

High Impact Door Frame Guards from Inpro® protect door frames from the daily abuse of collisions. Door guards are available in 3" x 3" x 3', 3" x 3" x 4', 3" x 3" x 8' sizes in 81 standard colors.

Corner Guards Wall Protection by InPro  Information

Click on the above Inpro images to find a complete line of InPro Wall Protection products. From Corner Guards to Wall guards, each offering a unique solution in Wall Protection. Choose from InPro's 160 Corner Guards to their 700 series Wall Guards.

Corner Guards Protect, Add Beauty To Your Building

Wherever there's traffic, if there's a corner sooner or later it WILL get hit. Of all wall areas, corners are probably the building feature most vulnerable to impact from moving heavy furniture, loaded luggage carts or even a carelessly-carried tool-box or briefcase. Even the smallest ding or scratch is immediately (and often permanently) visible. Sharp wall corners can also be a source of minor injury, as an impatient worker or customer mis-steps while hurrying to a nearby workplace or their next appointment.

Luckily, corners are also one of the easiest areas to protect, in existing buildings or during initial construction, with pre-formed plastic corner guards. InPro Corner Guards from Koffler Sales have the impact resistance to shrug off a scrape from a desk or other office equipment being moved, a dent from a hotel or motel guest's carelessly-swung suitcase or a scratch from an athlete's cleats in a locker room. Choosing extra-rounded "bullnose" style guards with their rounded shape shields hotel guests from sharp hallway corners, even protecting swimmers or workout-sweaty athletes in the shower area!

InPro Corner Guards are part of InPro Corporation's Wall Protection series of products that can not only repair or hide damage to existing walls but, when part of original construction, can help keep a building's like-new look lasting far into the future. InPro Wall Protection not only hides current wall damage but it also helps prevent future damage. Products include rigid sheet wall covering, corner guards, wall guards, wall panels and other wall protection to make -- and keep -- your building looking newer longer.

InPro Wall Protection products make it a simple matter to add protection to an existing building, in a remodel or at any other time. Corner guards, for instance, are available in-stock, as pre-cut, plain or optionally pre-drilled four-foot-high guards or full-height, floor-to-ceiling eight-foot stock. Pre-cut, pre-drilled custom lengths are also available.

In new buildings, corners can also be an important focal point in architectural design. Designers may choose to "hide" corners by blending them into the overall color of the building interior, protecting them with corner guards that blend into the main surface of the wall. For this purpose special, paintable corners are available with a surface texture that matches that of typical drywall. Another option is InPro Wall Protection's tough, clear transparent Lexan corner guards, either used as-is (clear), or painted by the builder on the inside surface with the same paint used on the adjacent wall. A similar choice would be to select one of InPro's many stock corner guard colors, matching the wall paint to that of the corner guard.

Some designers choose to "outline" corners, instead, using one of InPro's ten stock colors to complement or even contrast with the wall surface. This adds visual interest and leads the eye to the corner, helping reduce accidents. Other contemporary building designs include "breaking" corners at corridor intersections, using a wall panel at a 45 degree angle to join the two walls that would otherwise meet at a right angle. For this, Koffler Sales supplies a line of InPro 135-degree guards.

InPro Wall Protection products are known for ease of installation, and InPro Corner Guards are no exception: nails can be used, holes can be drilled and countersunk for screws (corner guards can even be ordered pre-drilled), or corner guards can be installed with Liquid Nails or other construction adhesive. Simplest of all is InPro Wall Protection's new optional Peel and Stick system -- as easy to work with as its name implies. Once installed, the Corner Guards' solid, permanent color makes them easy to clean with standard cleaning materials, usually with just a quick wipe.

When it comes to your home, it is important to use the very best materials and products available on the market. You don't want to just go after the the least expensive options, as this is going to leave you with inferior walls and flooring. No matter what you're doing in the house or what you are looking to upgrade in your home, you need to always ensure you have the very best products on hand. You don't have to pay an arm and a leg for this kind of products. When you invest into new walls and flooring, you do want to protect the material, as replacing the items due to scratches and gauges does become expensive eventually, not to mention time consuming. So instead of having to deal with these issues, you need to protect the walls and corners of the wall. You never know what might strike the corner of the wall, not to mention corners are rather sharp, and if you have children, protecting your children from these dangerous corners in walls is important. You can do so with the help of Inpro Corp equipment. The company produces a large number of Inpro Corp Corner Guards and wall guards. So no matter what you're looking for or how you want to protect your home, it is available right hear, through InPro Corp.

For starters, you need to decide what kind of wall protection you need for the home. You can either opt into the standard corner guards or if you want wall guards. Inpro Corp Corner guards simply goes around the corner, smoothing out the corner and ensuring both the safety of individuals walking past the corner, and protecting the corner itself, reducing the likelihood of you having to pay money for costly repairs. If you want to protect an entire wall, you need to opt into wall guards. The wall guards can last as long or as short as you want. If you want the entire wall protected, you can have the entire wall covered in the wall guards, or you can have just a lower portion of the wall protected, which is the most common practice. You don't even need the entire lower wall covered, if you don't want. If you just want a few feet around the corner of a wall, you are able to do this. Essentially, no matter how much space or how much you want to protect the wall, it is possible, with the help of InPro wall guards.

Now that you know if you want to protect just the corner of the wall or a larger portion of the wall, you need to decide what kind of material you need to have the wall made out of. There are two main kinds of material used for the Inpro Corp wall protection. The first is a faux wood. This is designed to look just like wood, so if you want to add a stylish element to the corner of your wall or the entire wall, this is an exceptional option to go with. If you would rather not use a faux wood look, you can opt into a PVC material. This is slightly flexible and is able to take more impact without any sort of damage. This way, you don't have to repair the wall or corner guards should something run into it.

Now that you know what kind of material and the size of protection you need, the kind of color for the wall is important. There are over 100 different colors for the standard PVC protection, so you can select a kind of color that is going to work better for you. You can select a color that completely matches the wall or is just going to offset the color. With the 100 different options, you are sure to enjoy one of the colors available. The faux wood also comes in several different colors, so should you have a particular color of wood or style of wood you want, the selection of color options is perfect for you. You just need to know what you're looking for and what is going to look the very best in your home and around the house you desire the protection in.



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