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Specialty Tapes


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5.0 of 5 (2 reviews )

Our hazard glow tape offers 6+ hours of glow during emergency situations Plus it's easily understood during chaos, helping to ensure people are getting out fast.


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4.0 of 5 (7 reviews )

Join tarps together or repair rips or tears. Weather guard your doors and windows with our heavy duty Clear Polyethylene Tape.


Heavy duty grade. For temporary repair of cracked or broken tail lights, brake lights, and turn signal lenses. Simply overlap tape to repair larger breaks. (Lens RepairTapes are non-reflective.)


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3.0 of 5 (3 reviews )

Surface Protection Blue Painters Tape stays on without leaving residue for up to 14 days. Available in 2 inch x 180 ft rolls, 6 rolls per package.


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4.0 of 5 (10 reviews )

Highly durable, UV-treated 6 Mil Blue Vinyl Tape stays in place for up to 6 months protecting surfaces from scratches and abrasions; removes cleanly and easily

Specialty Tapes Information

In continuing with our Koffler Tradition we now offer a complete line of specialty tapes. Our unique Vinyl Tarp Tape is the perfect solution to join two blue tarps together to expand your protection. Our Lens Tape repairs any crack or hole in your auto or truck tail lights. Repairs tail lights instantly. A professional indoor/outdoor commercial grade Double-Sided Carpet Tape and indoor / outdoor Carpet Seaming Tape is a perfect way to join carpet sections together while providing a tactless approach when installing carpet to any surface.

Measure-It is a one-of-a-kind temporarily tape that adheres to any surface providing you exact guidance for cutting, drilling and hanging. Finally, our KSC camouflage Tape is a great solution for the home hobbyist or hunter.

Whether you're a contractor, re modeler, or home do-it-yourself er there's a now a selection of tape products for some very unique solutions.

Specialty Tapes

If you have a house or office of any kind, you probably know how difficult it can be to keep things up. You have to keep customers safe in your office. You also want your family to be safe in your home. You have carpeting that might not stay properly; you might have hunting equipment that you want to keep in great condition. Throughout your normal day and your normal life, you need to fix or protect a lot of different things. One thing that you need for this is specialty tape from Koffler Sales.

Specialty tape is any type of tape that allows you to do things that regular tape won't. This can be tape that is used for sticking carpeting to your floor or creating a glow in the dark path through your shop or office building. These types of tape serve very important purposes in no matter what use they have. That means that just about everyone will need some type of specialty tape for their home, office or car. If you have a broken light on your car, for example you can get repair tape that will cover the light properly.

Tape is available in all different colors as well. You can find tape for different uses in many different colors. Tape for hunting is camouflage of course. Tape for your car is red yellow or clear to match the light you need to cover. Electrical tape is available in a wide range of colors so that you can color code different wires or simply use the colors that you want. With Koffler Sales, you can even get special measure tape that will help you to hang up pictures or drill holes in your walls on a straight line.

All of these different types of tape are high quality. They are made with strong materials and are able to withstand your normal use and abuse. In fact, tape that is used in industrial settings, which includes car repair tape, electrical tape, glow in the dark tape and more will withstand any type of abuse you throw at them. These tapes are meant to stick permanently so that you don't have to worry about them coming off and having to replace them right away. You will be able to simply tape what you need and not worry about it again.

When you go about your normal life, you will need to have a way to repair things. You will need a way to keep your family, friends, employees and customers completely safe. That means you will need different types of specialty tape. Specialty tape comes in all different colors and styles for all different uses. That means you will be able to find the perfect one for your situation. Whether you have a problem with a taillight, a piece of carpet that won't stay straight or a pair of old binoculars that are cracking you can find the perfect tape that will fix the problem and still keep everything looking and working great.



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