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Chair Rail Ideas


Chair Rail Ideas | Pictures | Materials
Customer Reviews: 5.0 of 5
5.0 of 5 ( 6 reviews )

End wall damage with our clear lexan wall guards! Low cost, good-looking, and easy to install. Starting at $34.93.


Chair Rail Ideas | Pictures | Materials
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5.0 of 5 ( 4 reviews )

Protective Wall Strips 4", 6"&8" and 4' x 8' plus 60 coors, rigid vinyl sheets that protects walls in a broad range of uses, Starting at $84.59.


Chair Rail Ideas | Pictures | Materials
Customer Reviews: 4.0 of 5
4.0 of 5 ( 3 reviews )

End wall damage with these heavy-duty vinyl wall guards. Installed with a continuous aluminum retainer. On sale now, 30% off regular price. Starting at $60.63.


Chair Rail Ideas | Pictures | Materials
Customer Reviews: 5.0 of 5
5.0 of 5 ( 3 reviews )

Johnsonite Millwork Rails have the true beauty of real millwork, but dosnt scratch or dent.


Chair Rail Ideas | Pictures | Materials
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4.8 of 5 ( 12 reviews )

Diamond Plate Chair Rails feature heavy duty solid metal construction. Box/12 On sale now, 5% off regular price. Starting at $34.77.


Chair Rail Ideas | Pictures | Materials

NuTree Wall Guards are heavy-duty protection, indoor and out. Achieve the appearance and texture of wood without splintering, rotting or refinishing. On sale now, 11% off regular price. Starting at $69.96.


Chair Rail Ideas | Pictures | Materials
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5.0 of 5 ( 1 reviews )

InPro Fender Guards absorbs and deflects impacts to protect the walls and reduce maintenance costs. Perfect for interior and exterior applications. Starting at $249.45.


Chair Rail Ideas | Pictures | Materials

Choose from a variety of Acrylic Plexiglass and Polycarbonate wall protection sheets in a variety of colors.

Chair Rail Ideas Information

Koffler Sales offers a wide array of chair rails to choose from. Starting with our Clear Lexan Chair Rails which offers excellent functionality while maintaing a trasparant look. Our Johnsonite Chair Railsextends even further with a complete selection sculpted styles and colors. Finally our Diamond Plate Chair Rails is an excellent way to trim out any area which requires that rugged look.

What do Wall Guards and Chair Rails Protect?

Most people never consider wall protection when looking to buy a new place or remodel an old one. Wall guards and even chair rails can be very decorative additions to the aesthetics of your building or your home's interior. A particular good place to install wall guards are in your hallway, as they can prevent dings and dents. When they are placed at the right height they can not only help to protect you walls from damage but also help to center large boring looking walls, to make people feel more comfortable.

What are the reasons you should consider wall guards for your home or business?

If you have a business then wall guards are exactly what you need to keep your walls protected against damage. This is especially true if you have a business that has many customers entering and using your building. Traditionally, wall guards and chair rails are placed waist level or lower, this to guard against the backs of chairs, wheel chairs and now-a-days large purses that can scuff the walls as they pass. Hospitals for instance utilize wall guards and rails on almost all of their hallways and in some of their busier rooms.

Wall guards are not all like the ones found in hospitals today -- in fact they have a variety of types available that are made from different kinds of materials. Almost all guards have an aluminum base that is covered with plastic or vinyl and designed to be able to flex if impacted with a hard object. If wall guards are needed quickly, with no time available to install them, or if your budget constraints limit having mounted ones, then there are peel and stick guards available for quick installation.

Not only can wall guards come in various colors to match a room or hallway but they can be thin, thick or sculpted to help accent a room. Using them can also be a great way to inexpensively reduce the maintenance of your walls, instead of having to repaint your walls because of many scuffs and dents caused by a lot of traffic. Like wall guards, chair rails come in many shapes and sizes, but they have much more variety of designs available than wall guards. They are commonly used instead of wall guards to break up a large boring wall - giving a new focal point to the eyes and adding a more formal feeling to a room.

Using Chair Rails Is Beneficial For Businesses

Providing high quality and reliable products, Koffler Sales Company is known for this service. If you are looking for the proper pieces of equipment that will protect your business establishments or maybe even your house, the right place to consider is the Koffler Sales Company. They will surely provide quality products, which are worth of your time, money and effort.

One of the best products that they offer is the chair rails. They have the complete list of what you possibly need. The forms of chair rails they offer include:

  • Clear Lexan Chair Rails - This clear chair rail offers exceptional functionality while upholding the transparent look. This product is used to affordably protect your sensitive walls from any damages. It is available with holes that are pre-drilled together with the appropriate screws for easy setup.
  • Johnsonite Chair Rails - This is made to synchronize with one another and also with other components within the space. The chair rails help to simplify the final process of Johnsonite wall base, corner guards and stair treads. However, the Millwork's true beauty can save cost against real wood. Lesser initial costs together with the savings from ongoing maintenance make Millwork the high-performing solution, which helps its user to boost productivity and get returns on investment.
  • Diamond Plate Chair Rails - This chair rail is a very excellent way of trimming out any surface requiring a rugged look. The product can surely protect your walls from any damages triggered by chairs, hand trucks, carts and many more, which will surely make your wall stay looking great.

    What Things Are Protected By These Chair Rails?

    Most individuals do not consider the equipment for wall protection when having a plan of buying a new space or perhaps remodeling the old one. Chair rails can add elegance to your building's aesthetics or the interior of your home. A very ideal area where you can install these guards is within the hallway. This is recommended because these items can prevent dents and dings. If these pieces of equipment are placed on an appropriate height, they will not just help you from protecting the walls from any damage, but they will also help to midpoint huge wall that looks boring, which will allow your visitors to feel more convenient and comfortable.

    Reasons Why You Must Consider Placing Wall Protector in Your Business or Home

    If you're a business owner, wall guards can be the perfect pieces of equipment for you. With its use, you are sure that your walls are protected from any damage. This is particularly true if your business needs going in and out of customers, who probably uses your building. Usually, chair rails and wall guards are placed average to waist level or even lower. This is done in order to guard walls from the backs of the wheel chairs, chairs and these days, huge purses that may scrape the walls while they pass. For example, hospitals use wall guard on nearly all of the hallways as well as inside of the busier rooms.

    However, these chair rails are not only useful in hospitals, but it is also beneficial for business establishments wanting to preserve the beauty of their institution.

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