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Corner Guards Wall Protectors


Corner Guards Wall Protectors

End corner damage! These polycarbonate smooth corner guards for walls are easy to install, low-cost, and offer excellent protection. On sale now, 10% off regular price. Starting at $1.76.


Corner Guards Wall Protectors

These heavy-duty textured vinyl corner guards will protect your corners from damage while providing a decorative textured finish. On sale now, 5% off regular price. Starting at $5.22.


Corner Guards Wall Protectors

End corner damage! These textured corner protectors for walls are easy to install with aluminum retainer that provides true impact bumper protection. On sale now, 10% off regular price. Starting at $19.82.


Corner Guards Wall Protectors

A Koffler exclusive, you can paint and match any color wall. Made from a specially prepared paintable material. Realistically textured to match most drywall finishes. Starting at $4.78.


Corner Guards Wall Protectors

These satin finished Stainless Steel Metal Corner Guards for walls are unmatched in beauty. Armor-plated, they protect against severe blows. Starting at $42.00.


Corner Guards Wall Protectors

All Corner Guards feature heavy duty solid metal construction. Box/10 On sale now, 5% off regular price. Starting at $15.68.


Corner Guards Wall Protectors

Use vinyl or rubber corner guards as a low-cost alternative. Offers excellent protection against corner damage. On sale now, 10% off regular price. Starting at $16.61.


Corner Guards Wall Protectors

Johnsonite® Millwork Vinyl Corner Guards have the true beauty of Millwork. On sale now, 5% off regular price. Starting at $4.15.


Corner Guards Wall Protectors

Faux Wood Grain Corner Guards are unmatched in wood grain beauty. Easy to clean, permanent color, and easy to install. On sale now, 15% off regular price. Starting at $9.92.


Corner Guards Wall Protectors

Aluminum Corner Guards a tough, yet light weight metal and attractive look for your corner protection. Easily painted to match wall colors. Starting at $30.71.


Corner Guards Wall Protectors

This extra thick Rubber corner protectors provide maximum protection in storage spaces, parking garages and loading docks. Starting at $18.07.


Corner Guards Wall Protectors

InPro’s clear and colored flexible corner guards are perfect for low impact and low cost protection. Made from durable PVC capable of receiving impact without chipping and scratching. On sale now, 5% off regular price. Starting at $8.63.


Corner Guards Wall Protectors

InPro Woodland corner Guards offer a real like fuax wood grain look. Stop corner damage while still blending in to any wood interior space. Koffler offers the entire selection of InPro (IPC) colors, styles, and models. On sale now, 5% off regular price. Starting at $39.91.


Corner Guards Wall Protectors

Keep your warehouse safe, cover your edges using our bumper guards.


Corner Guards Wall Protectors

End Wall Guard Assembly includes two 90° corner guards for walls with a vinyl wall covering filler strip. Starting at $127.70.


Corner Guards Wall Protectors

Offer minimum design interruption by creating a smooth transition from wall to corner. Constructed of the heaviest-gauge aluminum retainers and rigid vinyl covers in the industry Starting at $118.27.


Corner Guards Wall Protectors

Plastic Adhesive is an approved excellent solution for applying Koffler corner guards Starting at $7.33.


Corner Guards Wall Protectors

Impact resistant equipment to protect concrete columns, poles or racks. Starting at $318.10.

Corner Guards Wall Protectors Information

Corner guards For Wall Protection

Koffler Sales offers the largest selection of wall and floor protection products online. All of our products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We pride ourselves on excellence in customer service. Our team is always available to answer your questions or to provide specification information. Our wall and floor systems are perfect for commercial or residential use. Wall guards and corner guards are perfect for protecting walls from normal wear and tear, extending time between paint applications. Our extensive line of corner guards ranges from reasonably priced PVC plastic corner protectors through upscale stainless steel corner guards.

The Koffler line of cove base represents the most extensive line of cove base with designer colors and sizes. Koffler wall guards are offered in a variety of heavy-duty products, ranging from clear lexan to PVC vinyl installed with an aluminum retainer. These wall guards provide the first line of defense against everyday vehicular and pedestrian abuse in high-traffic areas and can dramatically reduce maintenance and repair expense over time. Our wall guards are specifically designed for larger wall spaces and maximum impact protection against wheelchair, cart and furniture impacts.

Koffler wall base is low cost with good looks. Our wall base is made from PVC vinyl, making it extremely durable, attractive, and economical. Our vinyl wall base contains 10% pre-consumer waste, which may contribute to the LEED Green Building Certification System. Our wall base will not fade, crack, or chip, and holds up well under tough conditions. The co-extruded top layer of our vinyl wall base resists scuffs and scratches. All colors of our vinyl wall base are available at a single price point.

KSC CORNER GUARD INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION USING PRE-DRILLED MOUNTING HOLES W/PROVIDED HARDWARE First place each guard on the wall at its desired location and mark the wall with a pencil at each mounting hole. Remove the guard and drill a small hole at each mark. Wipe down the wall to remove any dust and/or plaster. Replace the guard and attach to the walls with supplied screws.

USING LIQUID NAILS (NOT INCLUDED) Make sure that the wall is clean and dry, and then follow the instructions provided by Liquid Nails for installation. Using liquid nails is not recommended on the clear lexan material.

SELF-ADHESIVE CORNER GUARDS Make sure the surface you are applying the adhesive to is smooth and clean. The self-adhesive may not stick to rough or wallpapered surfaces. Clean the wall with a damp sponge and dry thoroughly before applying the self-adhesive corner guards.

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Metal Corner Guards

Keeping walls in great condition can be easier said than done. Especially if the walls are in areas that get a lot of traffic. People who are in a rush or who are carrying heavy objects may not maneuver a corner correctly and if they bump into it hard enough it could leave an ugly dent. To prepare for this problem so that it does not happen there are metal corner guards to protect the corners of these walls. Metal corner guards come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate for any space whether it is a luxurious restaurant or an industrial area.

For a more luxurious appeal there are metal guards that are highly polished so they shine in any lighting. This will flow with the atmosphere that they are placed in so they will not detract from the value of the space. And with them there is no longer any reason to worry about the corners. For the less luxurious spaces where practicability is more important there are armored metal corner guards to protect from heavy blows. These are used in kitchens, hospitals, and more industrial spaces. If protection is highly needed then these are the only option.

With metal corner guards there are many different options so that they will fit any angle of any wall of any size. There are even options to do custom guards for very odd angles and with different types of metal. Metal corner guards are also a great option for kitchen counters or ledges of any kind. These are surfaces that take a ton of punishment on a daily basis. After awhile they will be scratched and dented so it is the best option to protect it before it happens. With all of the different options, anyone can feel satisfied with their selection of wall guards.

Whether it is the lining to an office or it is being used to protect the corners in a popular restaurant kitchen metal corner guards can save time and money. Also, they will protect people from running into these sharp corners and will provide more of a rounded curve. This is the perfect option for anyone who is serious about protecting their own space.

Rubber Corner Guards

Rubber corner guards go over the corners of your walls to prevent corner damage. These wonderful little additions do a big job keeping the corners of your walls protected from the wares and tares of everyday life. Corner guards are a hard, flexible, p.v.c rubber which cleans quickly, installs easily and can be made to match any décor and can be used in residential or commercial areas.

Corner guards are great for homes with animals, children and the elderly. Corner guards keep those furry loved ones from chewing, clawing or picking at the corners of your walls. They are also great for little wobbling ones, learning to walk. How many times have we seen the results of a toddler hitting their head on the sharp edge of the corner of a wall? Another great thing about corner guards is that they can be made to give a little something extra to grab hold of for those more mature people who seem to be a little less agile than before.

Rubber corner guards can easily be made to add a splash of color to your already splendid looking home or made to blend in. They come in lengths of 4’ and 8’, but you can call for custom lengths. Wide angle (135 degrees) comes in 2 ½ only. They are available in bullnose design in 1½ or 2½ sizes. You can also purchase peel and stick guards, to use on clean, smooth surfaces, except vinyl surfaces, which come with easy-to-use self adhesive strips. Solid guards are placed on wall corners without any adhesive or pre-drilled holes or any other showing materials. If you prefer, rubber corner guards may also be screwed into your wall. Solid ¾ guards come with nails for easy installation and clear guards can be painted on the inside with latex paint to match you individual decorating taste.

Corner guards come in various colors such as beige, black, bright white, brown, clear lexan, gray, ivory, linen white, sand, sawdust, taupe, and don’t forget that you can always paint the clear guards to match your home.

Rubber corner guards are becoming quite popular and can be found in homes and business a like. If you are remodeling or looking for extra protection for the corners of your walls you should look into rubber corner guards.

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