Non Slip Floor Coatings


Non Slip Floor Coatings for Slip Resistant Floors
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InvisaTread Anti Slip Solution will make most surfaces slip resistant when wet without changing their color or texture. Starting at $58.32.


Non Slip Floor Coatings for Slip Resistant Floors

Ideal for high-traffic industrial, residential and marine environments. For indoors or out, easy to clean and comes in 8 attractive colors. On sale now, 10% off regular price. Starting at $80.86.

Non Slip Floor Coatings Information

It is unnerving going about your business when you suddenly slip and fall. If you are lucky, only your ego is bruised. Many of the falls that occur on work and home surfaces, can be avoided by the application of non slip floor coatings.

It does exactly what it implies by covering the surface floor area with a specially formulated coating that gives 'Coefficient Of Friction.' A technical term that simply means non slip.

Non slip floor coatings are usually applied to areas that have heavy foot traffic, and to safe-guard yourself from liability from someone falling while on your property. It is highly recommended that you treat your floors with a non slip coating.

It is relatively easy to apply a non slip coating to your garage, walk-way or any high traffic area. For home, epoxy based floor coating is normally used. Where you would prep the resin and hardener of the epoxy by mixing it together. Clean the surface area with a degreaser before applying the epoxy based non slip floor coating for best results.With the epoxy floor coating already prepared you can now apply it to your floors.

Pros:The pros of using an epoxy based non slip floor coatings is that it is cheaper than industrial non slip coatings. It is easy to prepare and apply and it bonds well to concrete, making it great for garage areas.

Cons:It is sensitive to sunlight and fades over time. Provides less traction than industrial non slip coatings. Which means that applications of epoxy based floor coatings, may have to be redone periodically.

The other type of non slip floor coating is what is used in the commercial business sector. And this floor coating is polyurethane based and very resistant to slips. Typically used on factory floors, helipad areas, hospitals and other areas.

Pros:Provides high traction for heavy traffic areas and it is also durable. It is available in different colors to match your color scheme.

Cons: Considered to be expensive and there is more work involved when applying a polyurethane based non slip floor coatings. Normally you would to use a primer with this product.

When you have finished applying the non slip floor coatings, you notice that it forms a water-resistant, hard, clear surface that keeps you balanced perfectly.

Epoxy based non slip floor coatings are very popular with home owners because of its affordable price. And it is easy to clean. Epoxy based coatings are suitable for the home because of low foot traffic.

Some non slip coatings come in a can where you are able to spray paint it on. This is convenient for a small area like the front steps. It is safe and nontoxic to humans and animals to have contact with it. Non slip floor coatings exceeds the OSHA regulations that forms part of safety procedures in the work place.

With your business and family protected from accidents, you can enjoy your property without having to worry about being sued.

Non Slip Floor Coatings

There are many different types of business that many people own. For example, someone owns the gas station where you fill up your car and someone owns the hotel you stayed at on vacation. Someone owns the law office, the automotive garage, and every other building you've ever been in. It's important for those people, for anyone who owns a business, to keep it in the best shape possible. It's also important that they keep it as safe as possible. Non-slip floor coatings from Koffler Sales are a great way to do just that.

Non-slip floor coatings are available in many different styles, colors and types. Depending on the type of business, you have and the type of flooring your business has, you will need different types. Koffler Sales has all the different varieties and choices you will ever need. You will be able to find the perfect product for your business quickly and easily with them. In fact, you will have three different options for flooring products and each of those options has even more options so you can be sure your floors are not only safe, but personalized to your business as well.

One of the options for non-slip floor coatings that you have is a simple decorative texture coating. This coating is just like paint and can be mixed with latex paints so you can get whatever color you want for your floors. This paint provides a very basic texturing to your floors. The next option is a stone finish decorative texture coating. This coating comes in special colors and will make your floors look like real stone. This comes in four different colors of stone and features flecks of deeper colors to give it an authentic, realistic look when finished. This is also an easy to use paint.

The last option is an invisible coating. This is applied through a spray or you can get a style that will simply pour out. This works on concrete, stone, ceramic, or porcelain and will allow you to get traction in areas that are normally slippery such as showers or entranceways. This spray is completely clear so the great look and color of your floors will come straight through and you won't even be able to tell that you have this non-slip floor coating on your floors. Except that, it will keep you and everyone else safer.

Non-slip floor coating is great for any type of building. You don't even need to have a commercial building in order to use it. If you choose, you can use these types of coatings in your own home. They are perfectly safe for your family and will provide added protection against falls. This coating comes in a great variety of color and style options so you will be able to get exactly what you want. You will also be able to keep your floors looking better than ever. With non-slip floor coating and Koffler Sales, everyone who comes into your home or business will be safer than ever.

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