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Wall Guards by InPro


Wall Guards By InPro
Customer Reviews: 5.0 of 5
5.0 of 5 (3 reviews )

InPro standard wall guards provide impact protection with strong PVC guards in a continuous aluminum or vinyl retainer. - 100 standard colors.


Wall Guards By InPro

InPro designer wall guards provide continuous PVC impact protection. Mount on continuous aluminum retainer or aluminum retainer clips - 100 standard colors.


Wall Guards By InPro
Customer Reviews: 5.0 of 5
5.0 of 5 (1 reviews )

InPro Fender Guards absorbs and deflects impacts to protect the walls and reduce maintenance costs. Perfect for interior and exterior applications.


Wall Guards By InPro
Customer Reviews: 5.0 of 5
5.0 of 5 (1 reviews )

NuTree Wall Guards are heavy-duty protection, indoor and out. Achieve the appearance and texture of wood without splintering, rotting or refinishing.


Wall Guards By InPro

InPro® Faux Wood Woodland Wall Guards protect walls from damage while looking great! Available in 3 heights and 20 faux wood patterns.


Wall Guards By InPro

Guard your walls from damage with Inpro® Rigid Wall Protection Panels, Strips and Rolls. Available in two thicknesses: .040" and .060". Over 100 colors options.


Wall Guards By InPro

Save your walls from dents, scrapes and scratches with Inpro® Faux Wood Wall Panels, Strips, and Rolls. Rigid sheets available in flat sheet and rolled sheets styles in .040" and .060" thickness in over 20 wood-like colors.

Wall Guards by InPro  Information

A complete selection of InPro Standard Wall Guards providing solutions for all your wall protection needs. From InPro's PVC Vinyl in a selection of 100 colors or InPro's NuTree made from 94% recycled rubber.

Protecting the Walls of Your Home

When you buy a new home or move into a new office you want to keep that just bought beauty. But, lets face it, walls can get scraps, scratches, and who knows what else. So, wall protection has become important for the modern home or office. Unfortunately, wall guards are hard to choose and sometimes hard to match with the rest of the home or office. There are also several environmental decisions that must be thought of when choosing different wall guards. For an example, the height at which to install the wall guard is very important so the wall guard is effective. Different wall guards are displayed on the website On this website, there are several different types of wall guards displayed and the different uses they have. Looking at this site, gives the potential wall guard user a lot of information on the different types of protection available to the consumer, which is very important information for the informed consumer.

The first decision that a customer must make is what the wall guard is guarding against. After one decides this, the placement height of the wall guard will become clear and it will be able to effectively protect the wall. For instance, if a lot of people will be using wheel chairs where then the height of the wall guard should reflect where the wheel chair would be most likely to make contact with the wall. The website shows the different wall guards made by InPro. This company puts on display the different wall guards that could be purchased. Also, it gives some recommendations on what height the InPro Wall Guard should be used. This part of the website is very helpful when attempting to find a type of InPro Wall Guard that would work for the needs of someone that just moved into a home or office.

There are many different types of wall protectors available for the consumer. The website is able to show the consumer the different types of protection that can be set up on walls. The main materials available for consumers are PVC and vinyl both with aluminum retainers. The differences with the materials are both aesthetic and cost. The PVC is, in most cases, more expensive and can come in many colors. The vinyl wall protectors, on the other hand, are overall less expensive and do not come in as many colors. So, if you have the funds for PVC wall protectors then you also have the ability to choose your colors. The different materials offer the consumer different options for the consumer that wants to find the perfect InPro Wall Guard.

The different parts of a home or office need to be protected in different ways and the walls are no different. The website provides the possible consumer with some top quality wall protection options. They are able to give direction on where the wall protection should be placed, what type of material should be used, and the different color options available. In all, the website is able to help the consumer see what types of InPro wall guards are available, a very helpful service indeed.



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