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Luxury Vinyl Tile


Luxury Vinyl Tile

Northern Timbers offers timeless grains & warm hues to complement any design style. With a wide variety of colors and grains, available in either glue down or loose-lay planks. On sale now, 15% off regular price. Starting at $233.30.


Luxury Vinyl Tile

A warm real leather-like look & feel, combined with durability and easy maintenance, illustrates a sophisticated, attractive flooring option. Available in 6 inviting colors. On sale now, 25% off regular price. Starting at $205.85.


Luxury Vinyl Tile

Water-based adhesive is nonflammable and VOC-free. Use for vinyl and LVT tiles. Fast drying with immediate high sheer strength allowing for quicker use and foot traffic. On sale now, 10% off regular price. Starting at $44.82.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Information

The Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile

As a home or business owner, having durable and eye-appealing flooring is essential to being satisfied with any space. No matter if it is a high-traffic office building, quaint home-cooking restaurant or residential living room, the flooring that is picked makes an impact on the interior of the space. However, while trying to achieve the goal of class and durability, many people end up spending a small fortune. Now, with luxury vinyl tile you have a beautiful floor that can withstand heavy traffic as well as the test of time. This tile can help to create warm and welcoming spaces that customers, guests, friends and family will want to spend time in. In addition, this flooring is so easy to install that the time and money saving benefits just add to the overall appeal of the product.

There are many benefits to using luxury vinyl tile in your home or business. First off, with the latest designs and technology, this flooring features a remarkable realism to authentic tile that can not be distinguished, even by the most critical eye. However, unlike authentic tile it offers flexible performance and easy installation no matter where it is placed. Also, the selection of luxury vinyl tile that is offered by Koffler Sales is priced low in order to save money on any home or businesses flooring needs.

A major question many customers, in the need of affordable flooring, have is where should luxury vinyl tile be used? The answer to that is simple: anywhere. It is a great, durable product for high traffic commercial areas as well as kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces in residential homes. This type of flooring offers all of the eye-catching appeal of traditional tile without the high prices and long installation process.

Each of the luxury vinyl tile selections that are available feature the latest technology to be scuff and water resistant, absorb sound and durable. This tile is available in a variety of colors and finishes in order to fulfill any rooms specific needs. Also, the tile features natural materials that make the look seem even more authentic.

The luxury vinyl tile offered by Koffler Sales come in several colors including: light cherry, red cherry, green teak, golden brownwood, light oak and Indian makasar. Also, each piece features a Urethane wear layer, which will minimize scuffs and scratches to the flooring. This flooring is manufactured for commercial purposes, however looks and preforms great in residential areas as well. They offer the planks with products that replicate natural materials, which will produce a natural variance in each piece. This adds to the authentic look and feel of these products. No more searching for the perfect flooring, the luxury vinyl tile offered by Koffler Sales will complete any room or space with class and attention to detail. It can be easily installed with the tile adhesive offered by Koffler as well. This company offers you a one stop shop for all of your authentic looking vinyl tile flooring needs.

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