Koffler Sales Company Offers a Wide Variety of Outdoor Slip and Fall Prevention Products. Products Now Being Actively Promoted in the Southern Region of the United States due to Harsh Winter Conditions

The winter of 2009/2010 has resulted in seldom seen and, in some cases, record-breaking events in the southern regions of the United States. Extreme cold temperatures, combined with unusual levels of snow and ice accumulation, have created conditions that the vast majority of inhabitants south of the Mason-Dixon Line are ill-equipped to handle. As a result, those inhabitants are exposed to a higher risk of bodily injury due to snow and ice induced slip and fall accidents.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of injury-related death among seniors. It is also estimated that at least one third of adults age 65 and older will suffer a slip and fall accident each year. Persons living in what has historically been the more temperate areas of the United States have not typically been faced with weather-induced slip and fall hazards. This winter season indicates that the trend may be changing, and that people are beginning to take steps to more adequately prepare themselves for winter conditions that may be more severe than those experienced in the past. According to Company President Ron Starr, “Koffler Sales shipments of outdoor stair tread to Florida, Georgia, and Texas increased by 425% during January, 2010 compared to January 2009”.

Slip and fall accidents not only impact the victim’s physical well-being, they can also have a devastating financial impact. Loss of earnings due to work absence, medical expenses, impacts to insurance premiums, are all common consequences of slip and fall incidents.

While slip and fall accidents cannot be fully prevented, there are preventive measures that can be employed to help minimize the risk. With a minimal investment in preventative products, persons living in the southern areas of the United States can install the types of protective devices that have long been used in colder climates.

For over 50 years, Koffler Sales Company has been a leader in providing slip and fall prevention products. Koffler Sales Company offers a wide variety of high quality slip and fall products to meet the individual needs of the consumer. Their product offering includes the following suite of products:

  • Stair Treads: Products in this category include…
    • Outdoor rubber stair treads: The first and only approved outdoor rubber stair tread. Fully tested and exposed to extreme conditions making it an ideal product for frigid winter conditions. Provides excellent non-slip traction. Ideal for use on decks, garages, industrial/commercial buildings, golf courses, skating rinks.
    • Fiberglass stair covers: Designed to fit over existing steps or walkways, providing a brand new surface with durable anti-slip performance. They cover the leading edge of the step, providing excellent traction that exceeds OSHA standards even in adverse conditions. Step and Walkway Covers are installed on thousands of steps around the world in a wide range of markets, in both new construction projects and in retrofit applications.
    • Metal stair treads: Easily installed over stairs of virtually any material. These long-lasting treads will provide a safe, anti-slip surface which exceeds the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and OSHA requirements for slip resistance. Manufactured of high quality, heavy duty aluminum.
  • Anti-Slip Tape: Products in this category include…
    • Anti-slip abrasive tape: Designed for application to smooth surfaces. 3M or KSC Super recommended for long-term or OEM applications. KSC Regular recommended for contractor or general purpose applications.
    • Safety anti-slip tape: High visibility tape available in a variety of sizes. Water-proof construction.
    • Conformable anti-slip abrasive tape: Can be rolled, bent or angled to fit any surface contour. Heavy water-proof film covered with a durable carbide surfacing.

Koffler Sales Company offers the largest selection of slip and fall prevention products online. All products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For a complete description of the above products, including specs and applications, please visit applicable production information pages on this site.

Do not let the next harsh winter find you unprepared for the hazards that snow and ice can create. Take the necessary steps to insure that your areas of foot-traffic are adequately treated to provide solid traction. A small investment today could pay significant dividends in the future.