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Wall Guards and Wall Protection


Wall Protection | Wall Guards Protect Walls
Customer Reviews: 4.0 of 5
4.0 of 5 ( 3 reviews )

End wall damage with these heavy-duty vinyl wall guards. Installed with a continuous aluminum retainer.


Wall Protection | Wall Guards Protect Walls
Customer Reviews: 5.0 of 5
5.0 of 5 ( 2 reviews )

InPro standard wall guards provide continious impact protection with strong PVC mount on continuous aluminum or vinyl retainers - 100 standard colors.


Wall Protection | Wall Guards Protect Walls

InPro designer wall guards provide continuous PVC impact protection. Mount on continuous aluminum retainer or aluminum retainer clips - 100 standard colors.


Wall Protection | Wall Guards Protect Walls

Designer series, with maximum impact protection against wheelchairs, carts and furniture impacts.


Wall Protection | Wall Guards Protect Walls
Customer Reviews: 4.8 of 5
4.8 of 5 ( 12 reviews )

Diamond Plate Chair Rails feature heavy duty solid metal construction. Box/12


Wall Protection | Wall Guards Protect Walls
Customer Reviews: 5.0 of 5
5.0 of 5 ( 4 reviews )

Protective Wall Strips 4", 6" & 8" and 4' x 8' plus 60 coors, rigid vinyl sheets that protects walls in a broad range of uses,


Wall Protection | Wall Guards Protect Walls
Customer Reviews: 5.0 of 5
5.0 of 5 ( 6 reviews )

End wall damage with our clear lexan wall guards! Low cost, good-looking, and easy to install.


Wall Protection | Wall Guards Protect Walls
Customer Reviews: 4.0 of 5
4.0 of 5 ( 1 reviews )

No more banging your vehicle door against nearby garage posts or walls. Our Cushion Protection Door Guards are easy to install on any wall or post.


Wall Protection | Wall Guards Protect Walls
Customer Reviews: 4.8 of 5
4.8 of 5 ( 5 reviews )

Diamond Plate sheets just peel and stick to any wall or floor and create breath taking rugged designs.


Wall Protection | Wall Guards Protect Walls

NuTree Wall Guards are heavy-duty protection, indoor and out. Achieve the appearance and texture of wood without splintering, rotting or refinishing.


Wall Protection | Wall Guards Protect Walls
Customer Reviews: 5.0 of 5
5.0 of 5 ( 1 reviews )

InPro Fender Guards absorbs and deflects impacts to protect the walls and reduce maintenance costs. Perfect for interior and exterior applications.


Wall Protection | Wall Guards Protect Walls
Customer Reviews: 5.0 of 5
5.0 of 5 ( 3 reviews )

Johnsonite Millwork Rails have the true beauty of real millwork, but dosnt scratch or dent.


Wall Protection | Wall Guards Protect Walls

Keep your warehouse safe, cover your edges using our bumper guards.


Wall Protection | Wall Guards Protect Walls

End Wall Guard Assembly includes two 90░ corner guards for walls with a vinyl wall covering filler strip.


Wall Protection | Wall Guards Protect Walls

Beautifully appointed individual cabinets will get you organized while offering contemporary styling, modular and can be grouped together. Available in Grey/Black and Pearl/Grey.


Wall Protection | Wall Guards Protect Walls

Our standard handrail provides excellent grip while still providing a great solution for wall protection.


Wall Protection | Wall Guards Protect Walls

Handrails provide an excellent grip as a corridor handrail while still providing a great solution for decorative wall protection.


Wall Protection | Wall Guards Protect Walls

Adhesive for applying Wall Covering Wall Strips and vinyl corner guards.

Wall Guards and Wall Protection Information

Wall Guards run the gamut of sizes, shapes, colors and styles. In addition to our unique ability to protect all areas of any facility, the design flexibility of these products is limitless. We offer outstanding wall protection from all types of abuse, thus dramatically reducing maintenance and repair expenses. Choose from rectangular or curved profiles wall guards, many with design options such as grooved surfaces, color accent stripes, 60 standard colors, and custom color matching.

Several wall guard profiles come with EZ-Clip« retainer for installation. EZ-Clip« is the lightweight, environmentally friendly alternative to a continuous aluminum retainer. It also provides impact protection equal or superior to any continuous aluminum retainer. Ten EZ-Clips« weighing a total of only 12 ounces are enough to install a 12' length of wall guard. EZ-Clip« saves labor during wall guard installation, as well as money in both material and freight costs. Manufactured from recycled material, the EZ-Clip« is the perfect installation option to save your clients time and money.

Wall Guards

If you have a business or office of any kind, you probably have noticed how easy it is to get damaged. People hit the walls or they run into them with carts or chars. Sometimes people even hit the walls with heavy equipment. All of these things cause damage to your walls. Some of them cause a lot of damage. The problem is that this makes your entire building look bad. What you need is something that is going to protect the walls but of course, you still want your building to look great. Wall guards from Koffler Sales are the perfect solution.

Wall guards are typically made out of PVC over a heavy aluminum retainer. However, from Koffler Sales you can get guards that are made entirely of aluminum for added durability and great looks for buildings that may be more industrial. The guards come in a variety of sizes and colors. In fact, they are available in white, clear, silver, blue, ivory and many other colors. That means that your office is going to look absolutely perfect no matter what color the walls are. You will be able to find the perfect color of guards to compliment it.

Another great thing about wall guards is that they can be put on any section of your wall. That means that you can get small guards that will protect a small strip around the middle of your wall or you can get wider ones to protect a better area. You can even get sheets of aluminum that will protect a large portion of your wall. Whatever area is receiving damage you will be able to protect it from without sacrificing the look of your walls.

These wall guards are sturdy and strong. In fact, they will resist practically any damage. That means that the walls underneath don't get damaged. It also means that your wall guards will continue to look great too. Perfect for any office or commercial building from an office to a hospital or industrial setting these guards come in all different styles. Most of these styles also come in over 20 different colors and of course, you can find custom sizes and easy install options. You will even be able to get stylish versions of these wall guards rather than a flat cover.

If you own a business, you know how easy it is for things to get damaged or broken. There are tons of different things around your building that probably break all the time. It doesn't look good for your building when customers come in to see dents and scratches on your walls. That's where Koffler Sales comes in. With their wide variety of wall guards, you will be able to get everything you need and the style that you want easily. With the wide variety of color, options and their many sizes available Koffler Sales has exactly what you need to make your office or any commercial building look better than ever while protecting it from damage.

Wall Guards Inpro Standard

Do you own a medical practice? Maybe you're a doctor or a dentist or maybe you own a clinic of some kind. Have you noticed that a lot of your patients may have trouble walking around your building or that maybe they are in wheelchairs? One problem with wheelchairs is sometimes the people that are pushing them. Someone doesn't pay attention and back up into the wall or someone can't walk well and puts handprints all over your walls. Well there is a perfect way to solve both of these problems. You want Wall Guards Inpro® Standard from Koffler Sales.

Wall Guards Inpro« Standard are perfect for a medical setting because they come in great styles. These guards will not only protect your wall but they can also provide a convenient handle for your not so steady patients. These rails can be found to fit flat against your wall so that the wall is protected. You can also get ones that are going to attach out from the wall so that patients can hold onto them while they walk. This is great for a medical building because patients who are sick or older may need help.

The really great thing is that these rails are available in 100 different colors. That means that you will be able to find the exact shade that your walls are painted if you want these Wall Guards Inpro® Standard to blend in. You will also be able to find the perfect accent color for your walls. With every color from white to green to blue to black there are a great range of options that will look amazing in your office. You will be able to provide protection, support and still keep your office looking great.

Wall Guards Inpro┬« Standard are also available in 12' lengths. That means that you will be able to cover one entire wall with just one of these pieces. This is great because it eliminates seams that don't look good and don't provide good protection. All you have to do is cut these guards down to match the length of your wall and you'll be perfectly protected with seams only in the corners where no one will see them. And you don't have to worry about your corners either. Because you can get pieces that will fit there too. Your entire wall will be protected with Wall Guards Inpro« Standard.

If you have any type of medical facility you know how easy it is for something to run into your walls. You also know how hard it is for some of your patients to move around. Well the great news is you can get great help for both of these things with just one simple product. Wall Guards Inpro® Standard will provide the amazing protection that your walls need from damage. They will also provide a great way to help your patients move around your office easier. Your walls will thank you for it and your patients will too.

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