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Floor Marking Tape Aisle Safety


Floor Marking Tape Aisle Safety
Customer Reviews: 4.0 of 5
4.0 of 5 (9 reviews )

Quality aisle marking tape that will adhere to most any clean, dry, surface.


Floor Marking Tape Aisle Safety
Customer Reviews: 4.0 of 5
4.0 of 5 (4 reviews )

Our most popular conformable PVC hazard warning tapes. Select from a wide array of OSHA colors.


Floor Marking Tape Aisle Safety

Heavy Duty Floor Marking Anti Slip Reflective Tape, nicknamed Armadillo Tape for it's tough coating.


Floor Marking Tape Aisle Safety
Customer Reviews: 5.0 of 5
5.0 of 5 (2 reviews )

Our hazard glow tape offers 6+ hours of glow during emergency situations Plus it's easily understood during chaos, helping to ensure people are getting out fast.


Floor Marking Tape Aisle Safety

Can't miss seeing KSC's anti-slip safety floor decals! 17" maximum length or diameter, comes in high visibility colors, with 5 popular safety warning messages.


Floor Marking Tape Aisle Safety

Extend the life of your markings and increase slip resistance with this Clear Self Lamination Tape. Available in 3" x 54' rolls.

Floor Marking Tape Aisle Safety Information

Looking for the ultimate in longevity? Try our Laminated Hazard Warning Tapes. We take our PVC Hazard Marking Tape and apply a Looking for the ultimate in longevity? Try our Laminated Hazard Warning Tapes. We take our PVC Hazard Marking Tape and apply a durable, clear laminating film on top. The smooth gloss finish will resist wear and is easily cleaned. The over lamination improves the ability of the tape to withstand heavy abrasion. Surface has a glossy finish. May also be custom imprinted on special order. Rolls available in both 18 and 36 yard lengths.

Koffler Sales complete range of aisle marking tape products are also available in the more convenient 180' format. Longer length rolls mean less roll changes, fewer roll splices and quicker application times. All tapes are made in a wide array of OSHA colors and offer excellent durability and chemical resistance.

Protect your workers during blackouts and evacuations. Our Glow-in-the-Dark Tapes will "GLOW" 6+ hours. This product comes with an aggressive permanent pressure sensitive adhesive that will adhere to most any clean, dry surface. Tape absorbs any ambient or UV light source, then releases this stored energy in darkness. Our Glow-In-The-Dark tape offers 6+ hours of Glow to the light adjusted eye. Please see data sheets for complete details and specifications and standards.

  • PSPA Standard 002 Part 2 1993, Class A+B Rev 2
  • IMO Resolution A. 752 (18)
  • ISO 15370
  • ASTM / E 162 / E 648 / E 662


  • IMO Resolution A. 752 (18)
  • ASTM E 2072-00 / E 2073-00
  • DIN 67510 Parts 1-4

Many companies, businesses and industries have a requirement by law to display warning tape or some type of warning message due to the type of work they do. For example, crime scenes have tape wrapped around them that alert people to not cross the tape. A company that does cleaning may have some signs and warning tape that read "wet floor" so that people don't find themselves in a dangerous area and slip to the ground. If a company is using hazardous waste, you may see warning tape that indicates that hazardous materials or waste is being use and to stay away or use caution.

There are also several ways that companies and businesses display warning tape and warning signs that vary from putting cones around areas with warning tape to posters that tell people what is happening.

A major advantage of using this tape with printed information is that it can section off areas so that people won't pass the point where the tape is positioned. The warning tape can completely engulf an area whereas a cone or a poster may be missed if someone happens to be located at an area without a cone or poster. It's impossible to miss warning tape that is encompassing a large area. This is effective for reducing risk of someone being hurt which would be a major liability for a company.

Using printed tape can be much cheaper than paying to have other types of warning messages displayed. When making the tapes, the material that is used is much less costly then other materials, and because tape is so small and thin, you don't need near as much as you would for cones, posters or other warning indicators. This will help your business save a lot of money while still ensuring safety.

Another great benefit of printed warning tapes is the fact that anything you need written on it can be customized to say just what you need. This is good for special or unique businesses that may have a special message they need to display on the tape. When you order customized tapes, you don't have to spend all day and night out looking for just what you need. The tapes can be ordered custom designed for your needs and ordered from the comfort of your home or office through the internet.

Think about the possibilities you can use with custom printed tapes for warnings. Since you're getting the tape customized, why not add your business logo and your contact details to it in case someone wants to get in touch with the company? If anyone has questions regarding the work that is being done, they have all your contact information right there in front of them.

By using printed warning signals such as these tapes, you will get the peoples attention to stay away which is what the tape is intended to do. With all the many advantages for businesses to use this tape to display their warnings, it's no wonder so many businesses today have begun using it instead of some of the old, traditional methods.



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