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Floor Matting


Floor Matting

A complete selection of traction and scraper entrance mats. Constructed to protect floors from dirt, dust, and water. Keeping entrance areas clean and dry.


Floor Matting

Perfect for comfort. Heavy-duty anti-fatigue mats provide excellent cushion rubber anti-fatigue properties, while unique slip-resistant designs function well in wet or dry areas.


Floor Matting

Create your own personal impression floor mats. Our logo mats are produced by molding a digitally printed thermo-plastic material into durable Nitrile rubber floor mats.


Floor Matting

Eco Green mats are made from 100% recycled fiber reclaimed from drinking bottles. Eco floor mats are availblae in 8 colors and 5 styles.


Floor Matting

The Perfect collection of restaurant mats. Functions well in wet or dry environments to reduce slip and fall accidents. Traps moisture and dirt, is oil, grease resistant.


Floor Matting

Wet area floor mats provide slip-resistant footing for wet traffic areas, resistant to chemicals found in locker rooms, saunas, whirlpools, pools, and showers.


Floor Matting

Anti-static insulative and formulated anti-static mats provide insulation to the worker by being grounded, thus preventing electrical shock.


Floor Matting

Slip-resistant floor mats and matting made from chemical-resistant 100% Nitrile rubber. Slip Resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.


Floor Matting

Rubber matting or vinyl matting used in corridors, aisles, lobbies, warehouses, and vending areas. These runners protect workers from slips and falls.


Floor Matting

Thick sports mats are made of resilient rubber protecting floors against dropped weights, spiked shoes, and ice skates. Can be used in permanent and temporary installations.


Floor Matting

Thick vinyl sponge floor mats eliminate fatigue. Excellent for gardening mats to reduce painful knee and back pain

Floor Matting Information

Floor Mats

Our floor mat line is extensive and represents a solution for all applications. Our floor mats are perfect for commercial or residential use. The KSC anti-fatigue floor mats line represents a complete solution for under foot cushion and comfort.  While our entrance mats provide a selection of floor coverings that extends to 100s of designer colors and sizes to choose from. 

Our kitchen floor mats offer functional features that combine soft comfort with transfer drainage. Perfect for any commercial kitchen. We have a wide selection of anti fatigue, rubber mats for food areas.

If it’s image you’re looking for our selection is endless. Create your own logo mat quickly and easily. Your custom mat can be designed by using any grouping of our KSC color combos.  All you need to do is e-mail us the logo and we’ll take it from there. A proof is sent back to you and the quick production of your mat begins.  If your requirements are in the sporting area, Koffler has the solution. Whether it’s golf, skating, or around the pool we have an instant solution for you. 

If you’re looking for solutions in commercial floor mats, Koffler has the right recommendations for you. Our large selection of floor mats, vinyl runners, rubber runners and anti fatigue floor mats are perfect for any factory or office. The Waterhog floor matsare perfect for most applications inside or out, Waterhog Classic’s unique design makes it revolutionary. The rubber reinforced face nubs and waffle design provide crush proof scraping action. The raised rubber "water dam" border traps dirt and water ­ keeping them off carpet and floors.

If you own a business, garage or even just a home you know how difficult it can be to keep your floors clean and dry. You don't want the floors to look bad when people come over but anyone who walks through your house in shoes could track in dirt or mud. They could also track in water that will make your floors slippery. You need a way to protect your floors from all of these things. The best way to do this is with floor matting. Of course, one type of mat isn't going to work for every floor or every building. That's why you need Koffler Sales.

Floor matting comes in many different forms. You can get simple entrance matting that is large enough to cover the front door of your building. You can get anti-fatigue matting as well. This is great for anywhere that you have to stand for a long time. That makes it good for behind counters in different stores where a cashier will have to stand. For any business, at all there are also logo mats. These mats allow you to create your own personal logo and have it printed on a mat.

Of course, there are a variety of other mats as well. These vary from eco-friendly to slip-resistant, anti-static, factory, runner and restaurant mats. And that's still not all. You can get coco mats, sports mats and garage mats. All of these are great for many different things. They are all made of high quality materials and will keep your floors from getting dirty or wet from people walking through all the time. Koffler Sales has the perfect floor matting for your specific needs and will be able to get you exactly what you want.

All of these mats are available in a variety of colors and styles. You will be able to get a great style and a perfect product for your needs. If protecting the environment is important to you then you can easily find eco-friendly rugs. If you are looking for something with extra padding then you can find these as well. You will also be able to find floor matting that will come in any color and décor that you could possibly want. You won't have to sacrifice the look and style of your home or business just to keep it clean. With any type of building, keeping it neat and clean can be a problem. With so many people coming in and out all the time, it can be difficult to keep all of those things off your floors. What you really need is a rug. A rug will absorb any water that is on your guests shoes. It will also take dirt and mud off their shoes. These things will keep your floors cleaner for longer. Of course, there are many different types of rugs and floor matting you can choose from. With Koffler Sales, you will be able to find the perfect kind of floor matting for your needs.



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